aart`s project homepage

Aart is a free program that converts PNM (PGM, PBM, PPM) images into colored ASCII for displaing on a terminal. It supports user-defined color palletes, PSF fonts, and character sets. It generates a PPM image file or a text file.

Latest news:

2002-08-14 Aart 0.0.7a realesed
XML output is always enabled since it doesn`t require libxml.
2002-07-14 Aart 0.0.7 released
Autoconf and multithreading now avaliable in a released version of aart.
2002-07-12 Autoconf
Autoconf is now used for enviroment-specific configuration of aart.
2002-07-10 Aart is now multithreaded
After fixing some re-entrancy bug multithreading finally works and it`s faster even on uniprocessor systems.